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General Information

I trade at:-

Dagfields Antique Centre





Items from this website may be viewed in person at the Dagfields Antique Centre. Please email if you wish to view anything specific.

Dagfields is a very large antique centre. It has 5 large barns full of antiques crafts and giftware. 

Take a day out and enjoy having a look around. 

My personal identifier on the site is Unit 18. Please ask staff to help you locate my stalls / units.

See the Dagfields website for map and travel directions


Here are some photographs of each of my units and the associated building where you will find them.


Barn No1 (Affectionately known as The Emporium)

I have one Stall / Unit in this building located opposite the office


Barn No 2 (Affectionately known as Celia's)

This building is divided up into small rooms and I have two rooms in this building


Barn Number 4 - Next to the Conservatories

I have two Units / Stalls in this building


Barn Number 6 - Newest Barn

I have two low cabinets located opposite the office in this building.


To find me all across the site - Look for Unit 18